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07-13-2011, 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I wonder if we'll see the Ensign ranks eliminated or folded in?

Honestly... Nobody counts the Ensign levels as levels as it stands. Endgame is Level 51 but it would be Level 53 if you count the Ensign ranks, wouldn't it?

I'd look at making it Ensign 1-5 (covered in the tutorial with the ability to swap to C-Store starter ships), Lt 1-5, Lt. Cmdr 1-5, Cmdr 1-5, Captain 1-20, Rear Admiral LH 1-5, Rear Admiral UH 1-5, Vice Admiral 1.

It makes the higher ranks feel more substantial and gives a feeling of progress. Granted, you'd hit Captain around the time you get your first Romulan missions.and stay that way through all the Ds9 content. I'd cap off the demo at Cmdr 5.

I also trhink you could get a pretty full Klingon demo this way by retuning and focus on filling out the Captain content since RA is mostly there and you'd have Ensign-Commander covered and the Romulan and Deferi series as a headstart on Captain play. (For Ensign-Commander, Klingons might simply level faster and then devs could focus on making Captain + content equal.)

First of all, Ensign is only a single level (1). Lieutenant is 2-10.

Second, there's two ways to "fix" the ranks to make them canon:
1. Make everyone a "Captain". This eliminates the problem of having 5,000 admirals running around in a completely top-heavy organization, which would never exist in a real military.

2. Adjust the ranks as follows:
Ensign: 1-10
Lieutenant, Junior Grade: 11-20
Lieutenant Commander: 21-30
Commander: 31-40
Captain: 41-50
Rear Admiral: 51-60
Vice Admiral: 61

Obviously 52-61 don't exist yet, which would mean that the majority of players would be Captain / Rear Admiral (Lower Half). However, making this change and expanding the level cap at the same time would solve the lack of Lt JG without using up all the ranks, and thus allow further expansion up to 71 later.