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07-14-2011, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by P.R.O.P.H.E.T.
I did see some shards "de-cloak"/spawn very near me. As for the "what hit me?" phenomenom. I wonder if it's the blast radiius of exploding shards being bigger than people expect, shards spawing on them by bad luck, or getting shards accidentally "train"ed onto them by a passing ally.
As I recall the shards are supposed to act like flack in that they, (and the large shards), explode on proximity rather than direct contact.

I do remember a few, "WTF hit me?" moments and I was there to kite so tried to keep my camera on a swivel and moving at all times. I do not remember seeing cloaked shards appear from nowhere and come at me though...

What really frustrated me was being some 7k out seeing three small shards form from a large one and trying to shoot them as they raced back toward the CE. More than once I popped one at about 5k-6k from the CE and saw the rest disappear. I could not shake the notion that even at that range they other two had space folded back to the CE but I could not think if then, nor now, how to test the notion.

All said I think the instance is throughly borked and Cryptic should look into it. It was too easy at one point, (at least that is what I was told), but now after some thirteen of us pounded on it for the better part of three hours I sense it is just a skoche too hard. I could be wrong but I have to hazard that speculation.