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07-14-2011, 06:32 AM
I think it's been said before, but I would love to see KDF designs that didn't have wires or gaping gaps in the hull. I know the Klingon ships have this whole 'industrial', almost Soviet (as in, brute force over finesse) theme but I wonder if we can't begin to see designs that have been inspired by their past alliance with the Federation.

I don't mean raised, sweeping pylons and nacelles, or grand Primary hulls, but more a certain... *searches for words* sense of modernisation. Less surface clutter, and more 'under the bonnet' aesthetics.

The Qin Raptor is an almost perfect example of a new style and look of modernisation. Unfortunately, it also has some horrible nacelles (sorry CpnLogan!) and the wires connecting the inpulse drives to the nacelles look, well, unnecessary.

Creative mixing and matching can produce some great looking 'modern' designs (such as the combination of my Vor'cha and Tor'kaht) and so I would welcome anything that adds to a more streamlined KDF fleet.