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07-14-2011, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by Bran_Mak_Morrn View Post
1-more exterior maps ( like the one at the end of the last roman FE mission
2-player's ship bridges as playable interior maps
3-let players pick their respawn points
4-objective based games, cap the flag, king of the hill, 'zombies' & the like
These are great ideas. It would be great if you could select ANY PvE map via a dropdown menu, especially for private challenge matches. Also I agree please bring back the ability to fight Klingons on your bridges.

"Zombies" --- are we talking about the zombies game from Call of Duty? That would be awesome for STO. Borg could be fighting to break into your bridge!!! And you would have to keep repairing your bridge or your ship or whatever and running around while the borg keep trying to break into your ship. Haha!!