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07-14-2011, 11:01 AM
The "wires"-thing is entirely something from "Enterprise".
It was intended by those who designed ships for that era to show that in the 22nd cneutry Klingon ships wold depend on some kind of "external reinforcement" technique to hold their ships together since "back then" structural reinforcement fields would be less advanced.
Hence you can see those "wires" on the Raptor

the D5,

the 22nd centruy BoP

and also on the planned but unused Battlecruiser from "Unexpected" that got replaced by a K't'inga because the producers didn't like the windows on the ship that was designed for free (!) for that episode.

I have no idea whose idea it was to reintroduce this clear 22nd century design element that is nowhere to be found on any ship after that era again in the 25th, but it makes no sense to me either.
It's a throwback comparable to modern warships suddenly returning from diesel/fuel cell/nuclear propulsion to sails without explanation.

There are already indications of the KDF using concepts obtained during their alliance with the Feds, like the use of Bussard Collectors in addition to the collectors in the wings that the K't'inga uses exclusively for that purpose.
WHen you look at the K't'inga and then at the Negh'var and Vor'cha, the necks have also become more robust and the ships have become somewhat more angular than rounded in the forward section as well.
But somehow Cryptic has managed to overlook those "little details" and therfore the ships look somewhat "retro", like some are more inspired by the 22nd than the 24th century.

I think there should be at least one skin per ship that lloks like it was actually inspired by the 24 century and is no "retro" ship with "wires" that don't fit the era at all.