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07-14-2011, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by Kritze View Post
Eh ... "about a million other". So it looks, that left one more year with no fixes and correctures
How about cutting CaptLogan a little break, he said he'll do the corrections when he can squeeze them in. Personally I'd be happy knowing that he's currently creating NEW ships for us to use rather then going back to fix minor graphics bugs, most of which that you really can't see unless you zoom in and look real hard. The minor graphic bugs don't effect how the ship flies or fights so if CaptLogan can only spend half hour to an hour fixing mistakes that his predecessor made then so be it.

Capt you've been doing a fine job, thanks for taking the time to fix these model glitches in your spare time, I can't wait to see what new ships you've designed for us all!