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07-14-2011, 01:06 PM
One warhead chamber is fine, it gives the torps the biggest boost. (multiple consoles seem to have very slight gain compared to just one on torps. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't stack linearly like energy consoles or prefires do)

Traits, Accuracy is a must. Elusive is also very good, it's not utterly mandatory though. Efficient is kind of helpful if you are an alien or are part of a race that can get it.

I only run on one tac team, (but I play tac, and have tac initiative). I'd keep a sci team handy as well. ( tac team might be great at distributing shields, but it kind of you know, sucks when you have no shields anywhere on your ship to distribute from it also gets in the way of High Yield 1 which is bang for buck the best of the high yields. Followed by Hy2.. 3 just isn't worth it)

Transfer Shields strength2, is probably the default choice for me, when I don't have alot of sci slots to choose from.

I like Tractor beam in my ensign slot.

Though, you can also have a pretty scary ship with 2x sci teams, and feedback pulse 1 just make sure you eat an aux battery to max out your fpb damage. Also, I recommend if you run this setup having EPTS1 and 2, using resiliant cap 3 shields. (to mitigate as much bleed through as possible, and to always have a shield resist up)

I also recommend attack pattern Delta 1 or 2 on the AE. Especially with the FBP build, as it cuts down on bleedthrough damage, and provides a debuff to whatever is shooting you.