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07-14-2011, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by Gunthaar
Hum... no.

This is too complex.

Enhanced Battle Cloak should be (Battle Cloak + "red flash when firing fore torpedo while cloaked") nothing else. No heals, buff or anything that the Battle Cloak doesn't already allow. The single and only thing added to battle cloak: firing forward torpedoes.

As for the suggested countermeasure from the previous post... that's a gamebreaker. Knowing that any federation ship could dumbfire a torpedo, and hit my naked hull without effort, is enough to let the Refit B'rel rust in the drydocks.

You have to remember that a Torpedo vs. a Shielded ship = marginal damage. The Enhanced Battle Cloak, as far as game balance goes, is only a tool to punish an exposed hull. For it to be effective in combat, you need teammates that will take down those shields. Any half-decent player will systematically try to regenerate his own shields if they're exposed (which is done faster than a B'rel cloaking and then firing). Any half-decent team player will try to extend shields / science team an exposed teammate.

In a 5v5 game, Starfleet players have to look for eachother. 4 Klingons will decloak and single 1 fed ship (receiving all the heals and defensive buffs). IF the player's hull is exposed, then the cloaked b'rel will go with High Yield 3 and hope that at least half the torpedoes connect with the hull.

Meanwhile, any Starfleet player (with good sensors and auxiliary power) who noticed the red flash will go ahead with a Sensor Sweep and warn his teammates (Vivox anyone ?) to focus on his target... Bye bye B'rel.

No need for a Dumbfire torpedo that will home in any cloaked vessel... that's a gamebreaker.
It's not complex, thats why the dev's make the big money because part of their job when developing these new abilities we get from time to time is balancing them out (Is why when I made my post I put a lot of time and thinking into the suggestion, which you may or may not have when posting your response). All this torpedo lecture is null and void I know this already. The point I am trying to make is a lot of these boffs like healing and such do not benefit the b'rel, as well your tactical and non healing science abilities should be able to still be used in the suggestion I gave for damage and survival purposes. As for the complexity, I am puzzled if you considered the options of dev's to give the seeking torpedo a long cool down, targetable, slow torpedo like in the movie (also having to follow same path where it picks it up), also it may not put you in red alert depending on if this idea is ever tried which you could possibly just out run it, as well as other things I may not have thought of. So really its not a game breaker it can be balanced and is a solid idea, I'm just not seeing any posts where people are knocking this idea down that have actually thought about how it can be balanced or any valid ideas that fit within time constraints on our pve content on currently using this ship. IMO though if there is to be any challenge to ideas we have for our KDF line of ships by people who do not play the KDF I would ask that if your multi vector didn't have multi vectors, or if your R-Defiant couldn't cloak, or your Dreadnought couldn't fire its lance or cloak would you have an issue with that and want to make it fit what its suppossed to do? Now that would be a gamebreaker