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07-14-2011, 08:04 PM
Whilst ideas like this are good and all, you have to be careful. The system the OP has described is very close to the POS system control mechanic that Eve Online got rid of late last year.

It was an extremely tedious system for several reasons:

- supplying the towers with materials required grinding and farming - either for money to buy them or by harvesting
- taking down the towers was a PITA - high HP values, plus the inevitable lag the battles caused
- also, taking down towers could be manipulated by alarm clock operations - the attackers all got online at a certain time (usually their opponent's sleep time) to ensure no resistance. This was fixed by adding in the multi-stage attack, but that just caused alarm clock ops for all sides

I also do not like the idea of bonuses for fleets with more bases. This would mean that the more "hardcore" and larger fleets would have an inherent advantage in PvP. And that would just force out the little guys and independents who know they can't compete against the bigger fleets.

The mechanic also allows for griefing of smaller/more casual fleets by larger/more hardcore ones, who simply overwhelm their opponents by weight of numbers. Why should smaller fleets not be able to enjoy the fruits of their own labour, simply because some fat cat decides they want an easy kill.

Ultimately, STO is a fun game, not a full sandbox like Eve. Mechanics that mean you have to play a certain way are a bad move in this respect. We have to have a freedom of choice and balance between those choices.

However, dkfrontier's idea does show a bit more promise. But again, you have to be careful about building a starbase - Eve has a mechanic which allow for players to build their own stations, and space is starting to get a bit cluttered because of this.

Now, negatives out of the way...

The instances allowing PvPvE with the Klingon raids is a good first step in this direction. As long as the standard PvE option remains for those who don't want PvP (choice, remember), I support it.

The next step would be to introduce a similar mechanic in a dedicated space area, allowing players to patrol and intercept. Add in a few NPC patrols and convoys as catalysts. Not the current neutral zone, as some of the lower-level missions, three dalies, and not to mention the entire Dividian series, are set there, and you don't want to alienate lower-level players (who many not want to get ganked by admirals looking for a cheap thrill).

Maybe set up the gap between Granalda and K-7 as a new sector block entirely, specifically for OPvP. It still allows those who don't want PvP to avoid it, and doesn't cut off the dalies and force the KDF through 5 sector blocks simply to get to the Orellius sector (as opposed to the Feds 2). Also, setting it up in the KDF-Fed Neutral zone would leave out the Romulans once they're introduced, and the Cardassians (if they ever get in).

Third step would be to introduce objectives, much like dkfrontier set out. Let it end up as a three-way RvR (Fed, KDF, Romulan) or even 5-way (add in Cardassian and Dominion) fight, with Borg, Undine and Iconian raiders to add to the mayhem.