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Im tired of trying to do Infected: Deeper in to the Mystery without a Medic because the leader thinks its ok. (Not complaining about Sci Officers that dont heal, talking about lack of Sci Officers period.

Which brings me to my second grief...why dont Engineers know how to use their powers to like actually save people? Its like pulling teeth trying to get Engineers in pugs to drop cover shields and with the new ground combat you need that cover to survive...especially if your leader doesnt want to wait for a medic.

There is more to the engineer class than dropping turrets...

I dont claim to be the best at any class, but I have all three class's at VA level, I know when its time to put the medic kit on, and when its time to drop cover shield. If people just want to be pew pew phaser light show boys, they should have rolled Tac (and even then, they would probably miss some aspect of that class like supressing fire or stun grenades (bcause Plasma grenades are cooler dontchaknow?)