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07-15-2011, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Why not create a version of Battle Cloak that has only a 2-3 second cooldown after decloak? And then we call that "Enhanced Battle CLoak" and put it on the B'rel.
Just curious, but why should a klingon want to run even faster from a battle.

Seriously, i think that whole concept of battlecloak is not very appropriate for the klingon faction (game play wise).
I know in canon they where able to cloak in battle under certain circumstances.
But since STO is a game, i think that the game mechanic should encourage KDF players to fight more like (honorable) klingons are supposed to and not like some Romulan Pahtak (no offense rommy fans )

I am fine with having them normal cloak, but instead of being able to run away from a battle, klingon players should be encouraged to fight to the death.
(I think it would suit much better to klingons than constantly runnning away.)
So instead of giving them a even better opportunity to flee from battle they should rather get a permanent "go down fighting" power, just passive so they do more damage the closer death comes.

Another thing is IF a romulan faction gets introduced, they surely will have Battlecloak on some of their ships too, how will a battle between those two ships look like?
Will they ever decloak, will there ever be a winner?
Will it become a run away fest?
Will there be a difference between them at all, except for their looks?

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