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EDIT: Look here, inside shots included

For those of you who don't know, the wormhole is being given a very nice FX change. It's not exact to the IP, but it is very, very close.

My only issues are:

A) I think the ripples flowing out from the center are a bit strong, they seemed much more subtle on the show.

B) I reported this as a bug, but the closing animation doesn't always play. Most of the time, if you fly too far away, it just disappears, but the closing animation I did see (once)? Sexy.

C) Hopefully we will be getting a "fly into the mouth of it" animation or at least be required to fly into it ourselves. Still using the warp out animation, which missed the mark entirely (and they never warped into the wormhole).

What I like:

A) Well, it looks a million times better. It's not perfect, but it's so much closer to the IP that I just can't be bothered to care that much aside from what I mentioned above.

B) The inside of it is still using the same model, but I feel like it's been updated, it's a lot prettier in there.

C) I don't think it did this before... the wormhole now casts a subtle blue glow upon DS9 and any nearby ships, looks nice.

It should be on holodeck today, but if you guys want, I took some footage I can upload pretty quickly.