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# 6 Harpeng=FailI
07-15-2011, 04:47 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_K
To whoever though it was a good idea to introduce a torpedo that does double damage AOE that bypasses shields: I hate you.

This is worse than that glitch where the Heavy Plasma Torpedo wouldn't de-spawn after exploding, and would hit you again.

I just got out of a match against a pre-made group in which each enemy player had at least one (I don't know their builds) Hargh'peng Launcher.

My shields? Useless. I literally died once with practically full shields.
My hull strength? Gone in two torpedo hits.
My Hazard Emitters? Overwhelmed by the amount of purple fire on my hull.
My team? Spent more time waiting to respawn than actually fighting.

To repeat, to whoever thought up the concept of these things and put them into the game: I hate you.

Please fix this.

Harpeng=FailI maybe died 2 times from a harpeng since the release of them and that was only cause I toke 3 or more and couldn’t clear them. Other then that it fails 2 fail worse I mean your giving up a weapon slot for a torp that may or may not do damage. On a escort maybe but still a waste on a tank that does no damage pre peng LOL funny.

All these are a cheap cloak detection pods that work 10% on smart players. If hit by one peng and your hull is above 50 take the damage if you see multi peng take all the hit ever hull reses you gat I get them cleared 90% time.

Only thing that is really crazy in all this is the Klingon weapon that the federation seem to have gain control and made the empire forget how to make them LOL.

But worse of all is OP Kling OP fed we need balance whine and Cryptic jumps however high these whiners want then add pengs and such to one side yayaya<---Not whine more like the truth lets say whinecooler