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Originally Posted by Trygvar View Post
The whole honour concept is not so black and white. It is rather shades of gray. And as Gowron once said: history is writtne by the victors!. Honour is therefore satisfied.
We all know that Gowron was know for his honorable deeds.

Well then there is obviously no big difference between the Jem'Hadar and the klingons.
(Except for their motives, and the fact that the Jem'hadar are honest enough not to hide behind that honor thing)

I was thinking that the Klingon honor does forbit to attack those who cannot defend themselves.
(DS9: Rules of Engagement)

Having such a powerful tool, like a battlecloak makes nearly all enemies defenseless against them.
So wouldn't it be dishonorable to attack them if there is no danger involved at all?

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