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07-15-2011, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by Anthony1225
The patch notes for July 14, 2011 for the patch to Holodeck only say for KDF, not Fed, as follows:

"The Klingon versions of the following Featured Episode Arcs have been changed

(This change went live with Season 4, but was mistakenly not noted)

The Breen Arc requires level 11 to start

They will scale to level after that

The Devidian Arc requires level 21 to start

They will scale to level after that

The Romulan Arc requires level 31 to start

They will scale to level after that"

Rats, I wanted to use the Featured Episodes AND their associate Dailys in Orellius and Eta Eridani Sector Block to level my new KDF toon

Back to grinding the Kahless Nebula ...
Yes .... They are doing what I swear they promised they would never do ... use featured content to replace the generation of regular content for leveling. (also there answer to more Klingon content)

And in the process .... really gave it to the Klingon faction yet again in the back way.

For me, it feels like another example of a lack of understanding of the needs of the Klingon players as well as players in general.

The removed a way that people leveled as they would level by cycling through those missions ... or maybe that is what they wanted to do? ::: shrugs sadly.

But regardless, Klingons are even more limited now on the leveling front ... again.