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07-15-2011, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_K
I'm sorry, you ever put these hargh'peng torpedoes into this game. I don't mean that. I made this post right after rage-quiting STO after said team (whose fleet I won't mention, I'll just refer to them as not the 527th or 529th) destroyed my team extremely easily by just focus firing volleys of Hargh'pengs. I was angry and hateful at some players who were using an exploit in the current game system.

I know you probably weren't being malicious or spiteful when you introduced these weapons, just that they'd be a cool reward for a remastered mission. But they have the unintended consequence of skewing PvP incredibly.

I actually don't even think that they're actually need rebalancing that much, but there needs to be a limit on how many you can put on 1 ship, especially with pre-made PvP teams that could possibly bring up to 40 different individual weapons into a match.
Dont worrie man when FAW and pengs are fixed that fleet your no saying will be a fail they abuse faw a peng and any otherthing they will find.