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07-15-2011, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by draco84oz View Post
Flash idea - new OPvP sector could be a real frontier.

Put it in the Gamma Quadrant, accessible via the Bajoran Wormhole to begin with, and then the feds build a Transwarp to it that the KDF and Romulans hack into. Perfect setting for OPvP.
I like this idea. If I were to tack this on to my idea in another thread....

Transwarp gateway gets built around sol base and qu'nos.

Gateway leads to an emprty zone with a few trader ships etc etc.

Zone is open to KDF and feds who start "deep space encounters" as OPEN PvP.

Zone has clusters that can be explored.

At the end of a certain period of time, calculate the win/loss ratio of either side. This turns into a percentage that gives the winning faction a larger probability to explore new worlds in clusters that are "hidden content". This hidden content can change every PvP period like episodes. these exploration missions can vary and be very hard and yeild good end game equipment.

So this system provides

1. Open PvP
2. The new frontier that everyone wants to explore
3. End Game
4.Easy way to introduce additional content