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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Since many Federation ship tend to survive a battle-cloaking alpha strike, it seems they are after all not defense against it.

Just because you lost doesn't mean you were defenseless.
A defenseless person is someone that cannot mount a defense. Unarmed, unskilled in combat, and posing no threat.
It depends on what weapon systems you want to compare.
A medieval knight may be a fighting machine at his time, but against a modern soldier, he IS defensless.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
But that hardly describes any Starfleet vessels, which in STO kill thousands of NPC ships, and also tend to kill other PvP players.

If you unequip all shields and weapons and call out: "I am unarmed and will not fight", and a Klingon still battlecloaks, shockwaves and kills you, then you might argue that was dishonorable.
If the tactical advantage is big enough, it doesn't make any difference.
When getting alpha striked by 3 or 5 Birds of Prey, it doesn't matter if your ship has shields and weapons equipped or not.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
This man was Chancellor, leader of the Klingon Empire. If he seems dishonorable to you, why do you assume that every Klingon actually is honorable. Why do you assume someone is even playing a honorable Klingon?And not just one that does what is necessary to advance in the Klingon Empire?
Just because someone is leader of the high council doesn't mean that he is the most honorable klingon.
Why do i assume that klingons are honorable?
I don't know, maybe because they talk all the time about it, because their whole culture is aligned torwards honorful behaviour?
I know myself than some klingons are not honorable, but most of them are (i hope).

If i would play a klingon i would try to play honorful, just because that's the whole point of being klingon, don't you think?

Why do so many players play dishonorful Klingons?
Just because they have the means to do it and many people tend to interpret things (like klingon honor) to suit their requirements.
(Thats why i am against giving them Battlecloak, it should be reserved to the romulans)

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
And it doesn't change the fact that Klingons have been using Cloak for a long time, and your "cowardly" Enhanced Battle Cloak Bird of Prey was invented and used by a high-ranking Klingon. Worf - arguably one of the most honorable examples - had no issues using Cloak, stealth or hit & run tactics.
Worf was a bit irritated, when he first saw the defiant cloak and he should have protested against it because the treaty of algeron (he didn't know that the cloak was a gift form the romulans).
Hit&Run tactics, when did he used it?

I think the whole Klingon honor code is just a big lie, to make them feel better.
If they prefer not to use it then they should be honest enough to to say so.

I just think that fighting honorable has something to do with fairness.
Maybe i would be just a bad klingon.

Live long and prosper.