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07-15-2011, 08:03 AM
Klingons have never been known for their compassion, and they prefer not to take prisoners most of the time. To be captured is a great dishonor, and should you be discovered to be alive, it shames the family.

Klingons that die in battle go to Sto'vo'kor. Those who do not go to Grethor. To most Klingons an assimilated Klingon would be as good as dead already. Either because he was captured, or because he's technically a drone and as such as good as dead.

To rescue a dishonored warrior who has been captured is to waste the lives of warriors who are not. I always found the rescue mission into Federation space on the Klingon side to be flawed as well. From this perspective I cannot believe Klingons would liberate Borg of any kind.


From a player perspective I can fully understand that some people want to play Borg, or freed Borg. I will not stop them. I'll probably never create a liberated Borg character myself, but who am I to judge others for having fun?

I cannot and will not tell others how to play their game, the bottom line is, the option to play a liberated Borg is there. I might find it problematic storywise, but there is a certain coolness to being a Borg.


To tell the truth, I can't see the Empire accepting any non-Klingon as an equal warrior into the Klingon Defense Force, be he Gorn or Orion or any other species. People seem to forget, that beyond their pride and honor, Klingons believe their own species to be superior. "I am Klingon!" is a responce to any percieved non-klingon weakness. Klingons are in fact quite racist. I am sorry, but there, I said it.

Most species that aren't Federation seem to be at least somewhat racist. Including Romulans and Cardassians and the Dominion and so on..

That said, I accept that players that play on the Klingon side want to be something else than Klingon. I respect this. it is part of what makes STO such a good game overall, and the overall experience. To me, non-Klingons captaining a Klingon starship is just as strange as a liberated Borg doing so.

I still find it a part of the game and somewhat amusing, despite my own objections to it. Overall, I am happy if we all can simply enjoy the game.