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07-15-2011, 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by BluerockBeing04 View Post
The fleet that you belong to, will do anything and everything to abuse the most broken skills, and over powered items that are released in the game. If tomorrow they released a ship that had a torpedo and phaser beam that could, together, one shot a player due to bugs, that fleet would fly that ship just because of how over powered that would be. And then load it up with FAW and Pengs as well because those are over powered as well. I may not have screen shots, or chat logs to prove my statements, but from what I have witnessed in PVP matches, as well as the Open PVP zone of Ker'rat personally, I know what kind of tactics your fleet will stoop to in order to win.

I hate fleets and people that practice this kind of mentality. I'd rather play using things that are balanced and fair, then abuse bugs and exploits just to get kills. Because that's not PVP.