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07-15-2011, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by Borticus View Post
With the re-opening of the Foundry, many missions are still broken beyond usefulness. Mine is one of them.

Since the Foundry is now again accessible, I have the distinct honor of having received dozens of 1-star reviews because my broken mission was auto-republished without my consent or review, in a state unfit for playing.

So my questions are:

1) Do we have Cryptic's assurance that this kind of thing won't happen again? Or should we manually un-publish our missions before every major patch so that we can remain in control of our projects?

2) Is there going to be anything done to allow us to remove these low ratings that were gained without our knowledge or control?

3) Can somebody please tell the general population of STO that the Foundry is freakin' broken, and ask them to either stop playing with it, or stop rating these missions with 1-star for the time being? Or turn off the auto-review pop-up? Just temporarily.
i have not played any foundry missions since the patch first went live (had a look at 2 of my own but they were both broken)

anyway as for No. 1 ofcourse you cant have an assurance worth anything there are too many 'moving parts' on the foundry, if they change anything it's bound to cause a problem for someone so a major patch is bound to cause major disruption.

for the low ratings all you can do is hope that those players try the mission again and give it a real rating (i dont see why anyone would give a 1 star to something that is obviously broken and not just a bad mission)

i flicked onto the comuntiy authored tab today and it said 'search failed' so it looks like they have delt with your third request