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Originally Posted by Bohort View Post
i watched birthright again the other day (tng; season 6 epps 16 and 17) and it showed klingons who would rather die than be freed, who chose to stay prisoners because the dishonor of returning would affect their families for 3 generations.

so surely the honorable way to liberate a klingon is with a bat'leth to the throat.

because of this i think the klinogn liberated race should be gorn, as a subdued race i dont think they care too much about their conquors sence of honor and a giant zombie lizard man robot appeals to me for some reason.

(note; i dont expect anything to acctualy change, just putting it out there that i dont think klingons would want to live after being captured)
The borg are diffrent they assamilitae, not capture. As to a liberated Klingon, one played a pivitol role in ST Voyage: Unimatrix 0. I think the Klingons would be more than happy to liberate Borg Klingons. Look at the power boost the worriers would recive. Excelent reflexes, increased strength, intellengce through the roof. Look at what the Klingon empire went through to try an attain the Human Augment DNA for there use.

You can only kill so many Borg before one of them gets its nanotubes in you.