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07-15-2011, 10:58 AM
This is the bio of my Klingon. It's how I saw my liberated Borg becoming Klingon again.

"Sometimes... The greatest victory is not won with a blade my son..."

The parting words of Keh'lak, Kraag's adoptive father. Burned into Kraag's skull as surely as the scars that cross his cheek.

A former Borg tactical drone, Kraag was found by a Klingon raiding party wandering alone in the desert of Trelos III, deep inside the Azlesa Expanse. The raiding party approached Kraag, saw his Klingon heritage and immediated attacked to destroy what they saw as an abomination. The battle was swift and bloody... Kraag decimated the raiding party and ventured off, confused, into a nearby cave.

Wondering why comminucation had ceased with his party, the Captain of the I.K.S. Vok'loS sent another strike team. This time, a medical officer by the name of Commander Keh'lak was among them.

Transporting down to the last known location of the first team, Keh'lak immediately realised that the radiation signature in the location was Borg...

Reporting back to the Captain he recommended that whatever killed the team should be captured and studied for the benefit and glory of the Empire in future battles. It was a single drone after all. The Captain disagreed. Orders were sent to "Seek and destroy".

Keh'lak did not agree but drew his disruptor none-the-less. The hunt continued...

Back in the cave Kraag overheard the entire conversation and somehow, deep inside his mind, knew that this Klingon could help him. Battle ensued soon after and ended with eight Klingon slaughtered and Kraag's hands around Keh'lak's throat.

"Don't... don't..." growled Keh'lak, "I can help you".

Kraag's grip loosened and he dropped Keh'lak to the floor. Standing motionless over the helpless warrior he waited for Keh'lak to speak.

"Help me take over the ship and I will return you to your birthright! - You are not Borg.. YOU are KLINGON! ...and now, you are my Son"