Thread: PvP Q Fix
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07-15-2011, 01:35 PM
Queues suck, open areas are the only way to get more people involved, no one wants to wait.

Where does everyone go when they are waiting for queues? Krraaaat - because they are board and want ACTION instantly, not sit and wait...

Need sep spawn points that are protected from spawn camping, and then a balance mechanic so things can't get too over powering on one side or the other.. not saying it has to be 1:1 - just saying it sucks if there are 10 feds or 10 klingon ships in there and only 15 avail slots for the zone, etc. Other games do this all the time.. and it works..

Heck - i'd even be for some zones that allowed klingons and feds to be on same team and the system would just balance all avail players so the teams were even..

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