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07-15-2011, 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by Gypsy_Blade
I honestly started losing interest when Incarnate stuff started flooding the game. For years they marketed CoH as a game to encourage alts. So many power choices, so many character slots. It was easy to get a toon to 50, IO them out and just take them out when needed.

Now the system favors people with few 50s and I can't bring myself to abandon 90% of my toons. I understand they're making it easier soon. Just way too much work IMO, not for something that should be a pass time.

STO is simple, I log, I kill some time, I logoff. Nothing currently has me left behind if I don't devote 15 hours a day. Even the new doff system won't require much time.
I liked the sub 50 stuff but the incarnate is too much for me and I considered them like the "temp" powers. They weren't very powerful but I was grinding a lot for threads and especially shards. I understood the dilemma with the characters from day 1 so I focused on just a few but with incarnate stuff they were requiring constant attention.

But back to STO, I look forward to new content. Season 4 looks exciting. I'll probably do some all weekends in the immediate 30 days to get my characters up and running. I read the "Needs of the Many" novel last year and I'm really hoping to stick it to the Undine when the time comes....