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Originally Posted by ResidentX View Post

Do you have direct control of all of these characters on your ship?
To answer that question, it depends on how many Bridge Officer (BOff) slots your captain has. You get 8(?) normally through gameplay, but you can purchase more in the C-Store. You can't use them all simultaneously, but you can switch between them whenever you want for ship stations or ground assignments.

Edit: It's also why character slots are sparse unless you pay extra for more. Each captain character has:
  • his or her information (stats)
  • the info for all of your costumes
  • info for all of your BOffs (and their costumes)
  • info for all of your ships (and their skins/ costumes)
  • your inventory
  • your bank
  • etc.
Each character takes up quite a bit of space on the databse due to all the extra baggage.