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07-15-2011, 03:18 PM
Yep yep, I kinda called it. Many people (including a couple of my cohosts) suggested I was out of line, but this is the sort of thing that happens. We as authors, as terrible as it is, are not only constantly battling random player's opinions, but also their random stupidity.

First rule of reviewing is that you review something for what it IS, not what it isn't, and if you can't EXPERIENCE the thing, you don't review it. However, most players of the Foundry just don't think about such things. And probably additionally just don't care, which results in these kinds of problems when things go wrong with Foundry. It's kind of why bugs in the Foundry should be the priority, not the bottom of the list -- if your button to run doesn't work, people figure out how to move around without running for a couple of days until its fixed. If your Foundry mission is bugged, those reviews are there for good, and no one is ever going to come back around and try to give it a better rating. That just doesn't happen.

Good news is, Mapolis has posted a comment at that outlines the dev's plan to get people's broken missions fixed again. It sounds time consuming and is certainly not ideal if they have to do this sort of thing every couple of months, but it seems to work. Whether or not the reviews will be rolled back with your mission, however, remains to be seen.