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07-15-2011, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by Vampir888 View Post
More than just costumes? Now I'm really interested and I'm looking forward to read/see more of it. So many cool things in the next months...

Meh not the answer I wanted to hear but the one I expected. :/ Oh well it's not your fault. I can only hope sooner or later there will be a way to get it ingame. Anyway thanks for the answer.

While we are at it since the first patch today the Aegis shield visual is broken on my DSSV. If they are enabled there is a blue area in the back of my ship between the nancelles. If I zoom in the blue area vanishs and is replaced by the normal correct costume. If I zoom out the area gets bigger. If I unequip the Aegis shield (or turn visuals off) everything is fine again. Also the visual angle is important. If I see it from the side (exact horizontal plane) the blue area can't be seen and the more I go up the bigger the area. Also I see some red/yellow dots which seem to be inside my ship. Already sent a ticket for it.
Yes, this is a really annoying problem. Fixing the flickering caused the borg and aegis materials to draw through other parts of ships when the cam gets pulled out. Looking in to this right now.