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07-15-2011, 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by CapnLogan
I'm not allowed to give you any details b ut here's what I can tell you.

It's MORE than just a costume. I'm very excited about how much more than a costume it is. I cannot disclose details of what the MORE will be, but it won't be gimmicky and should be worth while IMO.

It will be c-store, there are no exceptions to this that I'm aware of, besides players that might buy the unlock in the cstore, and then sell or trade it to other players in game for credits or emblems or something... I'm unclear and completely unconnected to the details on that. This will probably incite riots. I have zero influence on this issue though so I beg you not to yell at me, instead start a thread yelling at DStahl, Atari, Perfect World or CBS

If the team was larger than just me, there would be more free variants. As soon as I get a guy on my team I'm dedicating him entirely to KDF variants for free, unless I am commanded otherwise.
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