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I notice that there are tiny frame drops the moment the *head shot* in the target indicator is rendered.
same for *target of target* indicator

on my new uber PC from super smooth 60 fps to 58 fps, small problem, but the change in pace is noticeable,
on my old PC it is a lot more noticeable.

anyway In Shooter mode the target can change very fast if you try to aim for someone specific inside a mob.
sometimes to fast for the head to even show up, so the usefulness is reduced as well and it can even be annoying if the thing keeps flickering red / white / blue

all i ask for is that we get one (or two) of these nice hide buttons for the target and target of target indicators (so everybody can choose if they want to see it or not)...

but ground mode and space mode separately plz (in space i actually want to see it because it's sometimes hard to tell, and i'd hate to switch the mode every time i zone ;P )

pretty plz?