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Originally Posted by Khern View Post
Personally I regret the loss of the Kithomer Accord. Wasting our strength fighting the Federation, as well as weakening the Federation Starfleet over time, can only contribute to the victories of such factions as the Borg and Undine. Or dare I say even the Breen.

I would feel better if the Federation and Klingon Empire were allies, like in the good old times of the Dominion War. As such I agree with Vil'Nor, Son of Kryten

I can understand that as a warlike species we tend to fight everybody sooner or later though...

Meh, I miss Chansellor Martok...
As warriors we must be at war. The Federation is primary target for war as they are a good opponent on the battlefield. Whilst this may play into the hands of the Undine and the Iconians, we have fought one ancient enemy and won! If the Iconians seek conflict with the Empire, we will destroy them as well!

The war goes well. No need to peace.