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07-16-2011, 08:15 AM
Just curious why you'd go with the DSSV? As an Engineer character, you could take that survivability to the Recon Science Vessel and take advantage of the better offence and turn rate. Since your focus is solo PvE, you'll want to be able to do as much damage as possible, and I think the RSV is the better choice for that.

Aside from that , all the builds mentioned would work great. I agree with dropping the engineering team and take another EPtoShields for perma cycling.

These are the science skills I would go with:

CDR: Tractor Beam I, Hazard Emitters II, Tachyon Beam III, Gravity Well III
LTC : Sci Team I, Transfer Shield Strength II, Scramble Sensors II (For enemy group encounters)
Alt LTC: Sci Team I, Transfer Shield Strength II, VM I (For single target encounters)

Good luck