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07-16-2011, 10:43 AM
*Susazea, Trill KDF Commander*

The war was already there, we did not need to fabricate enemies, pig-headed as they may be. The Undine and the Borg are the real enemies. Plus, with the Iconians pulling the string of the Tal Shi'ar, there may soon be more foes than the Klingon Empire will feel comfortable with. Look at the larger picture, instead of the narrow one.

*Naurena, Orion KDF Commander*

Can we really trust the Gorn? After all, Cestus III is right in the Borg's path. What will they do when their homeworld gets attacked, and they become assimilation targets? I say we should focus on the Borg, since they're the more visible and open threat. After all, how often do we shelve our differences to fight the Borg?

*Vartax, Heldon KDF Lt. Commander*

It doesn't matter to me who the enemy is, as long as the fight is there. But know this: the Iconians will come. And you will need people that know them. Know how to fight them. I will lead that charge, if I must, to free my people from the tyranny of the Demons of Air and Darkness.