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# 954 Infected Cure
07-16-2011, 11:20 AM
Well we had a fairly good build up both ways today and met some frustration at the end of Infected.

The Simmons affair..

The team had 2 Engineers and no SCI?

I think that was the key for us.. We didnt have the debuffs and holds to energy dampen and root or freeze her attacks.

As a VA Engineer i was standing toe to toe as the only one left up for awhile and could stall her but not pop turrets or anything else.. unless i had them up or a pet to keep her busy . Her drones started respawning by then and over whelmed me.

We were very close twice ending it as a team.

I found in Cure its takes more flanking and waiting for engineers to pop turrets.. and line up OP's.
The Tacs can enguage the drones and the SCI Eng support them?
Then has Tacs Security escorts in reserve to defend the Transceivers from workers?
I could line up the tac drone i n the middle of a pack and stun a few.. but it was hard to pop a shield or barrier to keep workers off those devices.

So next time lets try sniping w one tac in middle to agro and others w eng left and sci right to flank the drones ?