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07-16-2011, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by Krethorg
If you could get one of these ships in STO which one would you pick?

Me I love the Vesta and would really like to fly that beast around in STO.

Wells class

Vesta class

Proxima class
wells- its from the 29th century, so not under any circumstances should it be usable

Vesta- i really don't know what people like about this thing, do not care for its look myself. they would need a lot of lawyering and effort before they could put it in game, probably will be in eventually.

Proxima- i'd like to think this ship existed back in kirks day, and served as starfleets battleship until the ambassador class replaced it. too old too add, just like all the miranda and constitution but i guess that didnt stop them.