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Already asked a similar thread regarding my Klingon character... so figured this helpful community could give good advice here as well.

I'm goin' the Science vessel route with my Engineer, and I'm wondering what kind of weapons should this bad boy be using? Probably mainly for PvE (and usually solo), but I also enjoy playing the occaisonal support role or PvPing when the mood strikes. I'm also fond of mines, though no idea how useful those really are (still, fun to toss em out).

Should I go a beam array heavy route with a single torpedo launcher up front? Would dual beam banks be handy since they have the same firing radius as alot of science abilities?

I'll be honest: my Gorn Science officer does the whole "Beams o'Doom" strategy where I just pummel bad guys with beam arrays (and finish with front torpedoes), so I really wouldn't mind using a different set-up Fed side. Would hate to wait until I level my third character to use a battle strategy that's a bit more than "fire as many beam arrays while strafing as possible" (as awesome looking as it is).