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07-16-2011, 07:00 PM
Mission successful! I contacted Sean Tourangeau and he opened communications with CapnLogan over at SciFiMeshes. */em does the peace sign*

Of interest on his DeviantArt gallery would be his USS Titan folder, which can be seen here.

One thing of note: apparently, a group named Starcraft have gone and made several models of ships in the Star Trek IP. The Luna-class was one such ship made into a model kit (and Tourangeau put up pictures of the model on his gallery, so he must approve of it. I found 4 sample pictures which may be of interest:
I really like this one because it gives us a detail close-up of certain elements. Of note for me if the right-most frame, which depicts the bridge of the ship. In game, all we have is a bunch of oval domes stacked on top of the other... but as I once tried to explain to CapnLogan via those photoshopped pictures, the top portion is actually more a circle inside a half-circle (if that makes sense). I'd really like to get the bridge-cake looking like that to make it look less... triple-oval-one-over-the-other.
This is kind of neat to look at, since we seen how they divided the bigger pieces of the prototype model - it's actually divided in a fashion very similar to how the Reconnaissance Science Vessel is in-game.