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07-16-2011, 08:43 PM
For the sake of putting it somewhere that the art dudes are paying attention.

A while back the Cerberus nacelles for the Advanced Escort hull were updated so they better connected with the pylons for some of the other types (namely, the Prometheus pylons wouldn't properly 'mesh' with the Cerberus nacelles and the nacelles hung a bit off of the pylons).

The upper nacelles were updated with an addition to their underside that gave a good anchor point for nacelles, letting the Prometheus pylons attach without the 'hanging off' look. The lower nacelles were never updated in this manner and still have that problem. Any chance of looking into this? If nothing else it should be as simple (as simple as things get) as rotating the existing upper nacelle models, since the layout of them is rotated between up and down anyways.