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07-17-2011, 03:01 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
As we used to say in shuttle_wars: Nerf Red.

But we didn't mean that seriously...
*sigh* What is it with all the shuttle_wars peeps wanting to nerf me? The only leaderboard that I would be on is the "People Not Named Hale Who Are Targeted"...

Love ya, Mustrum!

In any case, the 'side' that you're on really has no bearing on the people that you are paired alongside (though, anecdotally, I do seem to notice that when I enter the Queues in a premade, there does seem to be a 'tendency' to end up on the Red side... Maybe there 'is' something to it?... Naaaaaah )...

-Big Red