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# 4 What on Earth are You Wearing?
07-17-2011, 08:27 AM
Seriously. You know you can disable the visuals on ground equipment right?

Anyways, using the right equipment, while obvious, is very important so its a good idea to know whats what.


I want to get a very important idea into your head so read this carefully. You are NOT required to play a certain role. You can vastly change your tactical capability by simply switching kits so don't pidgeon hole yourself into being a "DPS" or "Tank" or whatever. Sometimes using a different kit is exactly what you ned to win.

With this in mind, carry as many kits as you can. You'll likely have a favourite and will want to spend Skill Points for kits you use often or in group play but even without speccing for certain kits you can still use all of them effectively. More is definately more in this case.

Personal Shields

The difference maker for these are the bonuses attatched to them. Below Elite difficulty you won't need to carry a wide variety of these so you just need to understand the bonuses and pick what suits you best.

[Pha] [Dis] [Pla] [Tet] [Pol] [Ap]: These bonuses give you a 20% resistance to the relavent energy types (I'm sure you can figure out which is which). This bonus has a decent impact on combat but is really not necessary below Elite difficulty where you might like to change Personal Shields to suit your opponents. Occasionally you will see a single bonus give resistance to two energy types, EG. [PhaDis] but the resistance for the two types will be 10% each.
[Cap]: Increases the maximum capacity of a shield by 10%. This is less important now that shield strengths have been lowered and using cover is more important.
[Reg]: Dramatically increases shield regeneration. All you'll ever need is one of these bonuses and your shields will fully regenerate in most cases when not taking damage for 3 seconds, [Reg]x2 is more than you'll need. Scales with item Mark.
[Ene]: On taking damage has a chance to increase the players damage with energy weapons by 10%. Not bad, not great either you'll likely find other bonuses much more useful.
[PBDmg]; On taking damage has a small chance to trigger a small AOE damage pulse centered on the player scales with item Mark. This can be nice in confined areas but you'll find in most cases when this triggers it hits nothing.
[PBKb]: On taking damage has a small chance to trigger a small AOE knockback pulse centered on the player. Unless you like to get up close and personal you'll have the same problem as with [PBDmg].
[Rev]: On taking damage has a small chance to damage an attacker using energy weapons. The amount is based on the attackers damage so the harder they hit you, the harder they hit themselves. If you defeat a player with this in PVP you are obliged to say "Why are you hitting yourself".

Phase Shifted Personal Shield: This is a reward form the Devidian Feature Episode "Skirmish". It has a [Cap] and [Reg] bonus in addition to a massive resistance to psionic attacks that scales with item Mark peaking at 41% for Mk XI. Most psionic attacks are deadly and this shield is a big help.

All you'll need below Elite difficulty is one all purpose personal shield with the bonuses that work best for you and a Phase Shifted Personal Shield for psionic using enemies but you know what, if you really only want to carry one type of Personal Shield you can get away with just using the Phase Shifted Personal Shield.

Body Armour

Invariably fugly to look at but ever useful. Unlike Personal Shields there are many different types of Body Armour beyond the bonuses attatched to them. All characteristics and bonuses scale with item Mark.

Energy Dampening Armour: Gives more resistance to damage from all energy weapons.
Pollyalloy Weave Armour: Gives more resistance to physical and kinetic damage.
Energy Harness Armour: Increases damage with energy weapons.
Physical Augmentation Armour: Increases damage with melee weapons.
Integrated Targeting Armour: Increases chances of critical hits.
Recoil Compensating Armour: Increases critical hit damage.

[Pha] [Dis] [Pla] [Tet] [Pol] [Ap]: Just like with personal shields, these give resistance to energy types and there are double resistance bonuses too. Unlike personal shields the resistance scales with the item mark and is much smaller.
[Phys]: Increases resistance to physical and kinetic damage.
[HP]: Increases maximum hit points by an amount that will let you take an extra hit or two, 'tis nicer than it sounds.
[HPP]: The description for this bonus is a little unclear. What Adrenal Stimulator basically means is that there is a small chance to heal some HP on taking damage. While small, when activated you'll be able to take an extra hit or two.
[RegSH]: A small but constant bonus to shield regeneration. You really should be using a shield with a [Reg] bonus and taking cover when necessary so this really isn't all that helpful.
[RegHP]: A small but constant bonus to HP regeneration. Not all that spectacular but better than [RegSH].

The bonuses attatched to Body Armour are quite small so what is important here is picking the right type of armour. The more you can carry the better but as a minimum I carry an Energy Dampening and PollyAlloy Weave armour depedning on whether the enemy uses more energy weapons or melee and explosive weapons. If you like to go on the offensive more then you might like an Energy Harness or Physical Augmentation armour (depending on what you attack with) and for crit freaks Integrated Targetiing/Recoild Compensating Armour works very well with Anti-proton weapons with crit bonuses.

Bridge Officers will always do less damage than a player even with the same weapon so what I like to do is use defensive body armours to keep them fighting a little longer, however the Integrated Targeting Armour/Anti-proton crit strategy works well for them too.