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Energy Damage Types

What sets each Energy Type apart is its Proc, a 2.5% chance to apply an effect. While these effects may not have a huge impact on combat when they do activate they can swing a battle in your favour.

Phaser: 2 second hold with -50% run speed. This will have a very small impact in combat, if you need a stun effect to help control the flow of combat use a stun pistol, do not rely on this.

Disruptor: -10% damage resistance. This can be quite helpful, particularly on stronger opponents, even more so when using CAMT.

Plasma: Applies plasma DOT to target. While the damage is nothing special it still isn't bad, can save you a shot on one target.

Tetryon: Drains a small amount from enemy personal shield: Of very limited use, because it activates so infrequently, has such a small drain on shields and the fact not every enemy has a personal shield means this energy type is close to useless.

Polaron: Applies Weapon Malfunction. While preventing an enemy using its energy weapons can be a big help, sometimes you really don't want to encourage certain enemies to melee you. That said the dangerous melee using enemies are likely to do that anyway.

Anti-proton: 20% bonus to critical hit damage. When it comes down to dealing raw damage, this is your friend. Used with an Integrated Targeting body armour this is arguably the best offensive energy type. Also sounds coolest, yes that is important.

If you want to deal damage Anti-proton and Disruptor are the best choices although plasma is also a good option, particularly for non-tactical players that will have to fire more shots in general. Polaron isn't bad on paper but not so good in practise and itís the same story with Phaser. Avoid Tetryon, if you want to take out an enemyís personal shields there are far more reliable ways to do it, like Anti-proton and Disruptor.

Non-Energy Weapon Damage Types

Psionic: Comes from the special abilities of certain enemies and certain Bridge Officers. This damage type hurts and passes through your Personal Shields so be very wary of it.

Physical: Damage dealt by melee attacks, 50% of physical damge passes though your Personal Shield so melee using opponents can be quite dangerous.

Kinetic: Damage dealt by explosives, such as Photon Grenades, Quantum Mortars and the like. Passes through your personal shield and kinetic dealing attacks have been buffed in S4 so be careful.

Weapon Bonuses

[Dmg]: Increases damage by all weapon attacks.
[CritD: Increases damage dealt by critical attacks by 20%
[CritH]: Increases chance of critical attacks by 2%
[KB1]: 5% chance to knockback target 5 feet
[KB2]: 10% chance to knockback target 10 feet
[KB3]: AOE [KB2] centered on target.
[DOT1]: AKA Bleeding, Chance of 75 Physical damage over 15 seconds
[DOT2]: Chance of 75 Radiation damage over 15 seconds
[DOT3]: Chance to Apply Radiation Aura, an AOE version of [DOT2] centered on target.

The bonuses on your weapon work best when complimenting the energy type you're using. [CritD] and [CritH] work best with Anti-proton weapons while the various [DOT]'s work best with plasma weapons. The [KB]'s are nice if you like or need to maintain a distance between you and the target. [Dmg] has a fairly small effect that only really becomes aparant over protracted combat.

If you're not matching energy type and weapon bonus and want to do damage you'll generally get more mileage out of [CritD], [CritH] and the [DOT]'s. Control freaks like me will probably prefer to have one of the various [KB]'s on their weapon's.