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# 7 Know Thy Enemy - Part 1
07-17-2011, 08:30 AM
One of th emost important things to know is what you're fighting. If you have an idea of what to avoid and what to use beforehand you're odds of victory will be so much higher. AT times you may struggle, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is nothing that cannot be beaten in the game.

Bosses and Mini-bosses will not be listed as generally they require a specific strategy which can be found elsewhere and you will be able to plan ahead for them. This may change later.

I will not list every enemy, if you're struggling to beat a lone Targ you're doing something seriously wrong and should see the rest of this guide first. What I will list are notable enemies, the strong ones or ones that could give you a hard time. Alnogside their name I will list the damage types you can expect and the level of the enemy expressed as follows:- I - Ensign, II - Lieutenant, III - Commander, IIII - Captain


Combat Medic - Phaser - II
This guy is a real pain. You don't need to fear taking any real damage from one of these but they will not only heal but revive their allies. The last thing you want is for a dangerous enemy to get back up again so if you see one of these they need to go down first. High Priority Target.

Engineer - Phaser - II
Not a real threat on its own but will use a shield recharge on its allies. If you're lacking in raw firpower stronger enemies may survive long enough to cause you trouble with one of these guys in support. Medium Priority Target.

Commander Engineering Officer - Phaser - III
This guy is similar to the Engineer but will also use fabrications on top of shield recharge and, of course, he'll be tougher to take down. However this one still isn't a great threat. Medium to High Priority Target

Commander Science Officer - Phaser - III
Will use control effects to give you a headache and his allies an advantage but won't do much in the way of damage. Medium Priority Target

Commander Tactical Officer - Phaser Kinetic - III
This one is dangerous. In addition to strong energy weapon attacks this enemy will use the now beefed up Photonic Grenade. While other targets in support such as the Combat Medic will need to go down first you'll need to keep one eye on this guy and take him out fast. High Priority Target.


Targ Handler - Disruptor - II
Neither the Handler nor his Targs will pose a great threat however if the Handler is still alive he will keep spawning Targs as you defeat them. This can distract your bridge officers a lot while a more powerful enemy attacks. A medium to high priority target.

Swordmaster - Disruptor Physical - II
For most players the first memory of ground combat defeat will be at the hands of a Klingon Swordmaster and for good reason. This is a very dangerous opponent at close range, using a Pulsewave shotgun and Bat'leth attacks, let him get too close and half an hour later you'll still be trying to find your face and apologise to it. The key here is to keep your distance using stun and any other control effects you have while using CAMT to take him down fast. High priority target.

Dahar Master - Disruptor Physical - IIII
Like a Swordmaster only much, much worse. This enemy doesn't use a Pulsewave instead preffering very strong Dual pistols, meaning he can hurt you at a distance and in melee with his Bat'leth, often stripping your shields away by the time he gets close enough to melee you so its a good idea to employ similar tactics to a swordmaster. VERY high priority target, needs to go down first.


Mortar - Disruptor Kinetic - II
Who named this guy? Oh well this enemy will generate a Mortar that deals the new, more deadly Kinetic damage. That said Mortar attacks (the fabrication not the lizard) are pretty easy to avoid because a big round graphic will appear on the ground well before it lands giving you more than enough time to move. However if you ignore him and your Bridge Officers destroy the Mortars (again fabrication, not lizard) The Mortar (lizard) will spawn another Mortar (fabrication) which might be a bit distracting for them. Low to medium priority target.

Attack Saur Handler - Disruptor - II
See Klingon Targ Handler, exactly the same, medium to high priority target.

Raq'wiq - Physical - IIII
Did I spell that right? Uses strong melee attacks and is very tough, lotsa HP on this chap. I'd dispatch any Saur handlers first then move on to this with CAMT. High Priority target


Enforcer - Disruptor Physical - III
His attacks are about medium in strength but will melee you with control effects to boot, can be a pain. Medium priority target.

Matron - Disruptor - IIII
A real nasty cow this one, will use a confuse attack which although you can work around is quite annoying at best and deadly at worst. However she cannot confuse your entire team at once so use CAMT and take her down first. High priority target.


Elite Raider - Disruptor - III
An Elite Raider can cause you some headaches, before blowing your head off. It uses a strong hold attack which will keep you in place for long enough for it to finish you off and if you survive that, the next hold will be coming mere moments later, there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of time btween the expiration of the effect and the use of it again. Aside from this it features strong Energy weapon attacks so if you're not getting held he'll still be a problem. In all likelyhood you will be getting held so definately use CAMT. High Priority target.

Raid Leader - Disruptor - IIII
You guessed it, a nastier version of an Elite Raider, stronger tougher harder faster longer... wait thats Daft Punk isn't it? You get what I mean. Very High priority target, use CAMT and send him for a dirt nap first.


Centurion Medic - Disruptor - II
Pretty much the same a Federation LT. Medic, heals and rez's, high priority target.

Centurion Engineer - Disruptor - II
Again, very similar to a Federation Engineer, medium priority target

Sub Commander Engineer - Disruptor - III
Doesn't pack too much of a punch but does use thalaron mines, very dangerous if you spot them too late and you may like to take out the mines as they appear. Medium priority target

Commander - Disruptor - IIII
Tougher than a Sub Commander and with a bit more bite this one also uses thalaron mines. However if you can shrug off his normal attacks it is often a better idea to clear away his buddies first so you can finish him off with ease, it may be prudent to get rid of his thalaron mines early if your away team can't be trusted to get out of the area of effect. Medium to high priority target.


Guard Commander - Disruptor Plasma - II
Uses plasma grenades, which hurt, a lot. Other than this he isn't much of a threat, stay mobile and roll when you see him chuck a grenade. Medium priority target.

Shadow Guard Commander - Psionic Disruptor - II
Uses a psionic attack which goes through your shields and as such is very dangerous. High priority target.

Guard Captain - Psionic Disruptor - IIII
Not only uses the shield bypassing psionic attack but with spawn several psionic allies that also use this attack, can take you out in moments. Very High priority target, use CAMT, this one must go down first.


Beta - Tetryon Physical - III
Will use a mix of strong energy and weapon attacks. He also employs an identical hold attack to the Nausicaan Raider enemies so theres plenty of ways this guy can be a problem for you. Use CAMT, High Priority Target.

Alpha - Tetryon Physical - IIII
Just like with the Swordmaster and Dahar Master this is pretty much a bigger, badder version of a Beta. Don't undersell it though, this enemy is very dangerous and should go down first. Very High Priority Target, use CAMT.