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# 8 Know Thy Enemy - Part 1
07-17-2011, 09:31 AM

All Jem'hadarcan now use the "Shroud" ability, a personal cloak like the one Tactical Captains have access to. This makes them a more difficult enemy to fight, not only in locating them before they can hurt you but with some Jem'hadar able to use it to really bring the pain. Thats not the worst of it though...

An old and terrible weapon from the Dominion War makes a return... Subspace "Houdini" Mines, cloaked explosives which are always planted in pairs. Once set off you will be hit with a powerful kinetic blast with additional aftershock damage and likely set off its twin too, the sum of which can kill you in one go, even on normal difficulty, if your health and shields are anything but full and will almost certainly kill a Boff. The good news is, you have to be really close to set one off, I was able to take them out with my Sci Captain's Sonic Pulse power before setting them off. You will be able to see them when you're close but if you're moving it only means you have a split second to shoot it down. You can also see a "beam in" effect when they are planted so keep your eyes open.

Before I go into individual analysis I want to make one more reccomendation. Careful, organised and fast strikes are key to victory. Because of the risk mines present to mevement and the many ways jem'Hadar can hurt you, knowing what you're going to do before engaging will increase your chances of succes, identify your targets, prioritise them and waste no time bringing them down

Jem'hadar Demolitionist - Polaron Kinetic - I
I know... I am indeed saying an Ensign level enemy is dangerous. His energy attacks aren't anything to worry about but he will use Photonic Grenades and plant Houdini Mines. Medium priority target.

Jem'hadar Shock Trooper - Polaron Kinetic - II
The SHock Trooper employs moderately damaging energy weapon attacks, uses the Rally Cry power to bolster his allies and plants Houdini Mines. Medium to high priority target.

Jem'hadar Veteran - Polaron Physical Kinetic - II
Veteran's use a Polaron Auto Assult Rifle that can put down some moderate damage on you and your group but will also approach under Shroud and use the Lunge attack (like the Tactical Kit power) which actually hurts more than you'd expect, as well as planting Houdini Mines. Medium priority target.

Jem'hadar Assualt Officer - Polaron Kinetic - III
An Assualt Officer seems fairly simple but he's actually quite dangerous. He uses both a Polaron Snioer Rifle and Auto Assualt Rifle and unlees I'm very much mistaken, I saw something resembling an AI that tries to flank you and you Boffs. Will also plant, you guessed it, Houdini Mines. Medium priority target.

Jem'hadar Elder - Polaron Physical Kinetic- III
This enemy will close in on you under its shroud and start dealing strong melee attacks with a very high chance to inflict bleeding, what it lacks in variety it makes up for in damage. Left unchecked they will cause some serious hurt. Oh yeah, plants Houdini Mines, go figure. High priority target.

Changeling - Physical - IIII
Very dangerous, will use strong melee damage attacks AT RANGE that will also hold as well as AOE knockback attacks centered on himself, in addition to his high HP this means you've got a tough enemy on your hands. Put him at the top of your "to zap" list, very high priority target.


Interrogator - Phaser - III
Will use a decent heal with annoying frequency, if you're disorganised he could actually keep the entire mob alive. High priority target.

Gul - Phaser Kinetic - III
Fairly strong attacks and quite tough, also uses grenades which hurt a lot more now. I'd take down an Interrogator first but still a high priority target.

Legate - Phaser - IIII
The cause of much suffering since S4. Will use a holo-generator to spawn photonic Gils which distract much in the way Targ's and Saur's do. If there are any Interrogators present they should still go down first however the holo-generator is squishy and doesn't move so you could take them out as they appear. Otherwise use CAMT and take the Legate out fast. High Priority.


Phantasm - Psionic - IIII
Very deadly, some say impossible (but he so isn't) uses psionic attacks and life draining attacks that will heal itself and its allies. Your strategy for this one is dependent on what he has with him. If they're all Ensign/LT. level enemies you may get better results clearing them away first provided you can do it quickly, if not throw everything you have at the Phantasm and keep an eye on your HP. Very high priority target.


Psi Warrior - Psionic - II
Deadly for the same reasons as every other psionic using enemy. Medium priority target.

Battle Leader - Anti-proton Physical - III
Now don't get scared, he has an Anti-proton weapon attatched to his wrist, he is not a wizard and will not turn you into a frog. Don't be scared of the Anti-proton weapon either, it doesn't hurt too much. Be scared of his hands, since they are sharp, deal quite a bit of damage and this enemy is very good at invading your personal space and staying there. High priority target.

War Master - Psionic Physical - IIII
While this one has a Psionic attack it is actually quite weak and he (he/she/it?) won't use it very often. The problem are his strong melee attacks, this enemy will literally try and tear you apart with its bare hands and is quite good at staying close enough to you to do it. Very High Priority Target, use CAMT and take it down first.


Ak'ched Gaurd - Polaron Cold - II
This nasty bugger will use the dreaded Cryo grenade. Not only does this do a lot of damage but moments after impact it can freeze you too while the AOE left by the grenade continues to damage while you get shot at, if you see it coming roll out of the way, if you're too slow you've got just enough time to be frozen outside of the AOE so roll either way. He also uses a stun rod close up which can be a problem, he'll usually throw the grenade first but he might have friends ready to lob one at you. High priority.

Ak'ched Soldier - Polaron Cold - II
This chap also uses the Cryo grenade so be careful. He doesnt have a stun rod but does decent ranged Polaron damage so be wary. Medium to high priority target.

Vel'sh Scientist - Polaron - III
Despite their higher rank than the Ak'cheds typically I don't find them as much of a threat, mainly because they don't use Cryo grenade. However do not underestimate them, they can still be dangerous. They use Tri-corder scan which will allow him and his fellows to hit you harder. He'll also hit you with a strong Tachyon Harmonic which can wipe out a sizeable chunk of your shields, sometimes completely, in one go in addition to the knockback chance. Medium priority.

Vel'sh Tactician - Polaron - III
They won't use Cryo grenades, or the skills of the Vel'sh Scientist but they do a bit more ranged damage and have a Cryp-eyebeam attack which can freeze you in place. Medium priority target.


The Borg have "Adapted" for S4 and are now more dangerus than ever. All Borg can now Adapt to your energy weapon attacks, once adapted all your energy weapon attacks will do just 1 damage. There are three options once this happens; carry a second energy weapon of a different energy type, although they will eventually adapt to that too when you'll either have to use a Frequancy Remodulator to bypass the Adaption or melee them, the latter option is very risky because of the Borgs other new ability.... All Borg can now Assimilate you or your Bridge Officers. This is bad, very bad, turning allies into enemies and if it happens to your Captain, all you can do is watch as you kill your friends. The Borg are able to do this at close range when your HP is around 20% (more testing needed) so tyr and keep your distance while keeping your HP up.

Since all Borg can Assimilate, the safest option is to reduce the number of enemies as quickly as possible. The good news is that standard Drones are quite squishy once you get around the Adaption so take them out first and do it fast. Any other kinds of Borg won't pose too much of a threat after this. I know the various Tactical drones can be a threat also but you should be able to shrug off their attacks long enough to drop the Drones. I've heard stories of people getting one shot by Elite Tactical Drones but if this is happening to you you're either playing on Elite or there's something wrong with your equipment. You could try and take out Tactical type drones first but if you can't do this quickly enough you may find your Bridge Officers shooting at you or even get surprised by a standard Drone yourself. Expect to encounter Plasma and Physical damage from all Borg enemies.

At the moment I'm missing Terran's and Fek'ihri.