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We Make Things Go... BOOM!

Grenades have been given some TLC with S4 and are now much more useful to you. In addition to having their damage vastly improved, in shooter mode you no longer need to keep a target lock to use them. It will take some practice to master but you can now throw them over obstacles allowing you to attack without coming out of cover. Wanna know the best bit? Now plasma grenades no longer hurt allies! Meaning your away team can't set fire to you and vice versa, maybe they didn't want you dead after all...

Buff Up, Take Down

When using weapons with high DDPI, buffing up beforhand as much as possible, using aim mode and getting into a flanking position will often result in one-shotting even tough enemies, or at least decimating their HP considerably. At range, a Sniper Rifle works best but if you can pull all the elements mentioned above off at close range, and you really wanna show off, use the secondary attack of a pulsewave shotgun, there lies some serious damage.

mistformsquirrel not only has a brilliant forum name but also some great information specific to Tactical Captain's, go check out The Tactical Officer's Uplifting Primer for Ground Combat 2.0


Control Freak

It has always been the case that for all but the most skilled medics, the AI was a better healer than you. Now that ground combat is a much quicker affair this is even more of a prominent issue an away team member may well pushing up daisies before you can get a heal off. So, let them do it. It is often a better idea for a Science Captain to use control effects in solo play. Using roots against enemies that like to get all up in yo face like the Borg or Klingons can be a life saver. Using CAMT to focus your team on another target while you apply fragile holds like Anesthazine Gas and Stasis Field to other targets can give you the survivability to get past a difficult mob. If you’re going to do this in group play, make sure your allies know which targets you will be placing holds on.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you're going to be a Medic, there are some very useful powers you will eventually have access to that can mitigate the damage you take before you're hit. Nanite Health Moniter provides a buff that will stay on you for a while and heal you as you take damage up to three times and the cool down is as long as the duration so its a good idea to keep this on yourself or a party member in tricky situations. Vascular Regenerator is a Heal over Time power, using it just as you start taking damage will help greatly with cancelling out bleedthrough damage or even weak to moderate attacks when your shields are down. The various Hypospray powers are more useful than they seem, while the debuffs they clear are rarely encountered, the damage resistance buffs they apply are very useful, identify the knid of attacks you'll be facing beforehand and use them as apporpriate.


I'm Not Hiding, I'm Strategically Placed...

The time it takes to place down multiple fabrications means that one is often destroyed before you've finished placing another. Now, fabrications generate quite a bit of threat and will often distract an enemy from firing on you. Two ways around this are to place a cover shield and placing your fabrications behind that (Thanks to Shinkuu_Akagan) or to set a waypoint for your away team behind cover or before engaging the enemy to place your fabrications first, give them a friendly zap and let them come to where you've placed these fabrications.

Oh No You Don't!

Engineers have access to some really useful control powers. Fuse Armour is a fantastic power, applying a slow and/or root ot the target. Weapon Malfunction make s big difference on enemies that typically or exclusively use energy weapons and should be used on the heavy hitter in an enemy mob but be careful some enemies have strong melee attacks that you don't want to encourage them to use. Chroniton Mine Barrier doesn't hit too hard but applies a slow effect, however Transphasic Bomb DOES hit hard, very hard. Clever placing of these, in narrow corridors or in front of a corner you're hiding behind can make the enemy really regret approaching you.

More to come as I practise tactics or they are suggested!