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07-17-2011, 08:33 AM
Then we shall begin.

If theres anything you want to ask about and its not covered already post a reply or send me a PM. If I don't know the answer I shall find out, either way it goes here.

However, this has just gone up so no ones asked anything yet, I'll just put some sample questions in for now.

Q: Whats with all the bad jokes? Do you think you're funny r something?
A: No, I don't think I'm funny. I think I'm hilarious.

Q: Do you have some sort of Karen Gillan fixation?
A: No not at all, I just have a small shrine, some rope, large sack and a folder I've labelled top secret.

Q: You do realise you're pretty much talking to yourself right now?
A: Yep, its usually the only intelligent conversation I can get *rimshot*

This ones a real question!

Q: So am I going to need to reroll my character for ground traits and/or respec?
A: Not likely. Ground traits aren't a deciding factor for ground combat, you're only really going to want to do that for min/maxing for PVP and even then its not that critical. As for Skill Points, you can get by fairly well on Normal or Advanced difficulty without even spending a single point on ground skills. Of course they help and you will perform better in groups but you'll only start to really suffer for not spending SP on ground skills at Elite Difficulty or if you play lots of gorund PVP.

Q: I've heard Pollyalloy Weave armour is best at Endgame but I'm using Energy Dampening, what about the rest of the game?.
A: Generally speaking, yes it is but it really depends on how you're playing. If you're good at keeping your distance then Pollyalloy wont be much use and you'll want that Energy dampening Armour to take the sting out the Tactical Drones attacks. If you're more the up close and personal tupe, or if you're the one tanking Armek, you will want Pollyalloy Weave Armour. More importantly than this choice though is to have Plasma resistance on your Personal Shields and Armour. As for the rest of the game, most of the damage you'll face is from Energy Weapons, while I advocate carrying a variety of gear, from a defensive standpoit you'll get more mileage out of Energy Dampening Armour.

Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome but be gentle, this is my first time (writing a guide that is). A few things are written from memory so feel free to point me to any mistakes.

Got any jokes you think I could crowbar in here? Send them to via PM (don't post them it'll spoil the surprise!) you will of course get credit in the contributors area way up at the top there.