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# 2497 crazy
07-17-2011, 09:27 AM
while some of these request are crazy. its an interesting idea.

short term is stop it with every item coming to the c-store first and only

mid term is use your own foundry you the company made to make us mid term content. 7 months of no content and 9 months of c-store items is abismal and hypicitical of any company who call themselves a star trek deveoper. get the greed got the game and perhaps the game can grow

long term goals: i agree that lt and ensign should have less formidable ship but that requires the game to be redone. lt can command a starship so its possible for that scenario. I dont agree to npc's leveling with u. thats not star trek. npc should be random. the game should be changed to open bigger space. i mean it is space so wtf

create the game in this apect of star trek. i think the company should redo the game in this aspect