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07-17-2011, 11:53 AM
I have a few questions about my play yesterday. The game was okay but I had a few knocks.

1. What's with the delayed teleports/warps? I would beam or warp and I enter the game but it takes like 30-1 minute for the rest of ME to come through. The first time it happened, I walked almost to the other side of the room in the first person before I was pulled back to the starting block. I would much prefer a "loading" screen with a status bar to this.

2. Sometimes the missions don't come up. I did one mission where I had to warp somewhere. I had to go all around the cluster until the mission came through. Did I do something wrong? Is warping to a system auto or do I initiate it? I mean I know you have to click the "continue" but I'm wondering if the mish was there and I didn't see it or if the system pushed it to me after a certain time. I kept getting "do you want to plot a new course message" numerous times when I ran to the edge of the sector until the warp instructions popped up for me to accept.

3. I'm at the Starbase now. Can I get an Enterprise E Starship? Also, will I get access in the game to quantum and photon torpedoes? I guess/know I have access to Phasers and Photon's now, right? Can I tractor beam enemies to hold and do more damage?

Finally, I deleted my old character I made last month and created a Vulcan Tactical officer. I want to be ready when the Psionic Tricycles come