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07-17-2011, 11:07 AM
Short Term:

1. Less emphasis on the C-Store. Make people actually play the game to get some of these newer items instead of just shelling out more money IRL.
2. When changing layouts, the rooms should change too. The lounge on a "small" ship like the Defiant should not be the same size as one on the colossal ships.
3. The ability to select a "ship's uniform" so that all crew wear the same uniform on the ship.


1. More hybrid ships (not C-Store).
2. Experimental technology (semi-rare items that provide random abilities that are unique to each character).
3. More locations to explore like Earth, Jupiter Station, Andoria, etc.


1. Revamping "exploration" missions. I want to actually explore.
2. New playable faction. Klingons have gotten some love and now it is time to really start thinking about something new.
3. Rank-Ship reworking. Not renaming, but just rework how ranks and ships work together. Make "multi-rank" ships. Like there could be a Lt. Commander Defiant, a Commander Defiant, and a Captain Defiant; each having the appropriate abilities.