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07-17-2011, 01:32 PM
I've given up Cryptic ever balancing PvP in this game, it needs it baddly and yet they do nothing. I'm so tired of it, once I get my accolades, I'm done with PvP. And when TOR goes live, I'm moving on to there. From the demos I've got to see first-hand, there isn't anything for me to complain about.
There are accolades for PvP?!

It seems this accolade grinding is giving you a lot of grief? If you have the Accolade, what will it do? Does it give some kind of special PvE advantages,lie unlocking "super-elite" mode or "super-easy" mode or give you better drops for crafting or something? Or is it really just some kind of number? Or is there a cool trophy in it?