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07-17-2011, 04:56 PM
Ok chaps, the bare bones of the guide is up. Theres more to be done for sure but what is there should be useful to some.

Originally Posted by BluegrassGeek View Post
This is great! I can't wait to see the completed posts. Seriously needs to be stickied.
Now you don't need to wait, its up! TY for the sticky request.

Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
good job so far

worth reading if you know 85% of it

*little note for shooter mode:
just today i noticed with the *energy shotgun* that you actually have to hit your target.
meaning you do NOT only need to have the enemy marked as "target" to get a sure hit (like with beam weapons), but your blast needs to hit.

Be aware that the energy blast tends to fly a little to the left of the crosshair so make sure to aim a bit more to the right.
(i hope this get's adjusted in the future).
Still the other 15% might help ya. You can actually find a lot of the information in game if you look but seeing it all in one place can help you plan things out and know what to look for.

As for the AOE thing, yeah, I do that quite a bit, just forgot to put it in, thanks for pointing it out!

Originally Posted by Aleaic_Kerensky
This is very nicely well done. I named my Horta 'Augh', since that's the sound my foes make when they 'meet' him. (Or her, kinda hard to check down there.) I'd call for a stick here too, but there's been a thread about a complain of too many stickies already. Eh, take it for what ye will.

The Type 3 Rifle I believe has a secondary high damage attack, followed by an AoE damage pulse, the Nadon pulse effect I believe, but the effect is near the adjacent are of the point damage effect. it's okay, as it's all phaser type damage to be sure.
Yeah! Horta's are adorable aren't they? Not sure they even have genders though.

I use the Type 3 a lot, I just havn't put it in there cause I want to make sure what I know is right.

TY for the sticky request, I wouldn't say theres too many, helps me find stuff easily.